About Us

Naijabankers.com is an online finance-based resource community seeking to provide a platform for economic and financial discourse, celebration of excellence in the financial sector and provision of financial education towards improving the financial literacy of the teeming populace and by extension, boost the financial inclusion index in Nigeria.

Studies have shown that Nigeria ranks low in the global statistics for financial inclusion and this has been linked in part to low financial education, infrastructural gap, poor communications and shoddy customer experiences from financial services companies. These have in no small measure contributed to banking apathy.

We recognize the effort and resources expended by the financial regulators, governmental and private institutions to create an enduring financial landscape and to address misgivings and misconceptions held by many about banking in Nigeria. Naijabankers.com will attempt to augment these efforts by periodically engaging in financial inclusion boosting projects such as “Teach a child to save” (a catch-them-young initiative in which select primary school pupils are introduced to the rudiments and  tenets of banking) and “Hall of Fame for Banking Excellence” (where distinguished individuals with commendable achievements and records in the industry are celebrated) to encourage others towards enhancing experience in the financial sector in the country among other steps.

It is our belief that such projects will impact positively on the perception of the public towards the industry while engendering the needed atmosphere for the sustainable contribution of the industry to economic growth.

Naijabankers.com will also keep you abreast of latest happenings and trends in the industry by regularly providing  updates on Banking news, Banking Tips (to improve the banking service experience and value), Business News, Forex, Industry Fraud News and other sundry  trending news.

We believe you will find this platform refreshing and educative as there will always be something for everyone, bankers, and non-bankers alike, financial analysts, policy makers, and also students on projects and other educative engagements.

Naijabankers.com is borne out of passion for an improved financial hemisphere, with membership across the financial sector and founded by Henry and Charles Emordi. They can be reached on e-mail via info@naijabankers.com & admin@naijabankers.com.

You can see the “Contact Us” menu for other avenues to reach the moderators and administrators.

We are glad to welcome you on board.